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If you are a manufacturer or educator in or near Marathon County, Wisconsin then please join us to keep Marathon County the center of manufacturing excellence, as well as strengthen your business or educational institution.

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The Marathon County Manufacturing Consortium (MC2) is a group of manufacturers in Marathon County, Wisconsin, working with educational institutions and workforce development to promote excellence in manufacturing in our region.

Our vision is to unite Marathon County manufacturers to strengthen our position as a world-leading region of advanced manufacturing opportunities. The consortium will:

  • Leverage the power of Marathon County as the center for manufacturing excellence.
  • Enrich partnerships between education and manufacturers.
  • Elevate collaboration efforts with manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
  • Promote workforce development in manufacturing.

Use this website to access Marathon County and discover why it is the center of manufacturing excellence in the state of Wisconsin. Not only will you find manufacturers, OEMs, and educational opportunities, but you will learn why manufacturing matters to everyone in our region.