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Why Business Works in Wisconsin

The success of businesses in Wisconsin is the result of many forces coming together. Some are naturally occurring, like our location. Others, like our skilled workforce and commitment to cutting-edge research, Wisconsin has been developing for more than 100 years. And some, like our business policies, are new and ever-evolving to make Wisconsin a truly great […]

Arow Global Expands

A Mosinee manufacturer is embarking on a $1.8 million expansion project expected to create 63 jobs over the next three years. Arow Global Corp., a maker of window systems for buses and recreational vehicles, broke ground Thursday on a 22,000-square-foot addition that will enable the company to manufacture two more product lines and improve its […]

When You Upset a Customer

The Three Things You Need to Do When You’ve Upset Your Customer Have you ever had a customer complain to you about your product or service? If so, consider yourself lucky. Why? Because most people with a complaint will simply never come back to the business where they were wronged. They opt for the easy […]

Five Manufacturing Trends to Be Thankful For

Judging by the data and the trends, 2014 is shaping up to be the sort of year North American manufacturers can be grateful for. Late fall brought North American manufacturers plenty of reasons to be grateful. In the United States, November production as measured by the Institute for Supply Management rose from 56.4 to 57.3, […]

Shop Class Not for Slackers as Mechanic Out-Earns Peers

Evan Fischbach, an auto mechanic who works at the LaFontaine Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership in Saline, Michigan, talks about the advantage of taking shop class in high school. Two years out of high school, Fischbach is earning $40,000 a year, about three times as much as the average 19-year-old high school grad. (Source: Bloomberg) […]

Internships in Manufacturing

It has been well documented that companies are struggling to find individuals with the skills required for today’s advanced manufacturing workplaces. These skill shortages pervade all stages of manufacturing— from engineering to skilled production. This workforce crisis originates with a misperception of modern manufacturing that has been passed down to a generation of job seekers. […]

American Manufacturing Leads to Prosperity

On Wednesday, July 9 Governance Studies hosted the 3rd annual John White, Jr. Forum on Public Policy. The topic was Regional Manufacturing Hubs in the US, and we heard from a number of different experts. As noted in a recent White House report, the manufacturing industry is growing, but there is still much work to […]

“Made In America” Pays

Phil Masiello, the co-founder and president, has more than once found himself in a dire situation: while traveling, he realized the night before a key meeting that he had forgotten his razor at home. Knowing that he needed to shave in the morning, he had only one option, which was to spend $36 on […]

Benefits Of Shifting Paper Forms To Mobile Apps

Business adoption of new technologies often flows from the personal use of these technologies. This can certainly be said when it comes to mobile apps and devices; the ability to download an app in seconds, share photos and data via the Cloud in real-time, and communicate from any location at any time have evolved from […]

People, Processes, and Problems

One glance at your morning newspaper or on the evening news on any given day, and you’ll find a dose of troubling news within today’s global manufacturing industry. It could be one of many things: a fire in a refinery, a major chemical spill, an evacuation after a gas leak, numerous workers injured or killed. […]

G3 Industries Consolidates Facilities

June 30, 2014 Press Release: G3 Industries Consolidates Facilities into Kronenewetter, WI. 35 Precision Machining & Turning positions to be filled. G3 Industries is consolidating its Precision Machining and Turning Facility in menomonee Falls, WI into its corporate facility at 1450 Don’s Way, Kronenwetter, WI, creating 35 new job opportunities for Central Wisconsin.  The move […]

The Internet and Manufacturing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing manufacturing as we know it. Factories and plants that are connected to the Internet are more efficient, productive and smarter than their non-connected counterparts. In a marketplace where companies increasingly need to do whatever they can to survive, those that don’t take advantage of connectivity are lagging behind. […]

Wearable Technology in the Workplace

Today, wearable technology — devices such as Pebble, GoPro, Jawbone, Google Glass and FitBit are just a few examples — is an exciting new trend in the consumer world. For more evidence of this technology’s popularity, consider that recently announced the launch of its wearable technology store to give customers access to a wide […]

Prevent Floor Accidents

This article, including a sidebar on the latest innovations in floor markings, originally appeared in the June print issue of IMPO. According to OSHA, slips, trips and falls constitute the majority of general industry accidents. They cause 15 percent of all accidental deaths, and are second only to motor vehicles as a cause of fatalities.But […]

China vs. the U.S.: It’s Just as Cheap to Make Goods in the USA

An entire generation of Americans has come of age laboring under the assumption that the U.S. can’t compete in the manufacturing arena with low-cost competitors such as China and Brazil. That may have been true a decade ago, but it’s no longer true today. I recently completed a review of manufacturing costs in the top […]

Selling manufacturing to a New Generation

Manufacturers across the United States are targeting schools and colleges to let young people know there is more to manufacturing than pulling levers on an assembly line. “People still have the idea that manufacturing is a dirty dungeon place,” said Andy Bushmaker of KI Furniture, a maker of school desks and cafeteria tables in Green […]

7 Tips for a Smooth Start to Manufacturing

The initial days of starting up are mostly spent on researching the market, benchmarking competition and seeking funding from friends and family. When you start searching for manufacturers and talking to them, it all starts to feel real. But finding the right manufacturer is not easy. The entrepreneurs I interviewed for my book, “How We […]

Seeking a Less Crowded Field, MBAs Find Success in Manufacturing

If newly-minted MBAs want a good shot at quick employment and salary jumps, they may want to turn their aspirations toward factory floors and away from trading floors. A survey of more than 3,000 graduate business students around the world, released Wednesday by the Graduate Management Admission Council, shows that grads seeking jobs in the […]

Is ‘Low-Cost’ Manufacturing Headed To the U.S. Next?

A recent survey from Entrada Group titled “Where in the World?” posits a rather interesting conclusion: the U.S. is now considered the prime location for low-cost manufacturing, with Mexico a close second, and China — once the mecca of cheaply-produced goods — falling behind. It’s a far cry from the trends over the last few decades, […]