For Manufacturers


Manufacturing is a clear driver of Marathon County’s economy — accounting for 39.5% of dollars earned here. It’s also a very diverse sector with strengths in:

  • advanced metal fabrication
  • food processing
  • paper manufacturing
  • door/window manufacturing

Each of these sectors supports a variety of innovative satellite industries which is what sets us apart. Each of these sectors has a long history of adaptation and ingenuity, each of them continually adopting processes and producing new products that contribute to profitability. With a skilled labor force adept in advanced manufacturing and educational institutions that partner with manufacturers to offer continued workforce training, manufacturing in our county has a strong future. Collaboration is key — and you’ll see evidence of it here.

To remain competitive, Marathon County must develop a skilled workforce that includes the best talent from inside and outside our county. To attract and retain workers of all skill levels and to educate them to meet our manufacturers needs, manufacturers and educators must work together. Our workforce must be proficient in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and possess the skills that our manufacturers seek.

MC2 is designed to provide support and guidance to manufacturers and educators to create the talent and fill the jobs in our county in order to remain a center of excellence in manufacturing.