For Parents & Students


Today’s young people want to solve problems, start businesses, make waves, and make money.  But, to accomplish those things, they think they have to be doctors or develop the hottest new app.  But manufacturing careers also offer opportunities to create things that save lives or send people to Mars.

However, many parents may not be aware of the many opportunities their kids have to pursue manufacturing careers, resulting in a critical lack of understanding and interest among the next generation of talent. As a parent, you want your children to be able to support themselves, to be happy, and to put their talents to good use.

They have many opportunities to do so right here in Wisconsin with local manufacturers. Manufacturers in Marathon County employ over 14,000 people. And right now, the majority of them are in great need of new talent.

Here are five other things you might not realize about manufacturing careers:

  1. Good-paying jobs with strong benefits. With salaries averaging nearly $60,000, many manufacturing careers also offer tuition reimbursement and other immediate benefits, while also supporting long-term dreams.
  2. Seeking smart, hands-on learners. For those who demonstrate an affinity for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) – or otherwise like to tinker, build and create – today’s manufacturers are a great place to shine.
  3. Thriving companies. Marathon County manufacturers are applying a variety of advanced technologies to capture opportunities in healthcare, energy, food and beverage and other growing markets.
  4. A faster track to success. Instead of endless years of school and debt, your son or daughter can get started quickly in manufacturing and gain real-world experience with limited technical training.
  5. Career advancement. With a diversity of roles and global locations, today’s growing manufacturers afford numerous opportunities for career advancement. Many current executives started their careers on the ground floor.