If you or someone you know is interested in a job in manufacturing here is what it takes:


Top Ten Technical Skills

1. Application of mathematics including algebra, geometry and trigonometry

2. Blue print/schematic reading

3. Computer literacy

4. Read & use a ruler, calipers and measuring devices

5. CAD/CAM/BMI/design software

6. Creativity – understanding methods to be creative and innovative

7. Commitment to safety

8. Mechanically inclined/understand mechanics

9. Basic manufacturing equipment & processes knowledge

10. Basic quality concepts/Six Sigma


Top Ten Employability Skills

1. Showing up for work on time, every day, ready to work

2. Communication skills – written, verbal, listening

3. Problem solving – root cause analysis

4. Self‐motivated

5. Personal accountability

6. Positive attitude

7. Life‐long learner

8. Willingness to do/try new things

9. Need for continuous improvement

10. Team player/Ability to work in teams/collaborate